Monday, March 28, 2011

Time for Change

Over the past few weeks, we have made a few changes on Oh So Sinfully Delicious in order to keep it fresh, current, and as original as possible. One of our major changes is the overall design of the blog which came from Ana's discovery of Shabby Blogs. Since we cannot meet up and bake together ( if you were not aware before, we live in two different countries), each week we select a feature ingredient and bake something with that main ingredient. Yes, there is the chance that we may bake the same thing, or something very similar, but so far that has not happened yet. It's something different, but it works for us. We are still making significant changes in order to improve the aesthetics of the blog as well as to keep you more engaged in our entries. We have decided to split our entry into two parts, so on Mondays I (Ann) will post a recipe and on Wednesday Ana will post hers.

We are also trying to make our blog more visually friendly by adding more and bigger photos, as well as open up and add photos on Flickr. Although we have been posting for eight months now, we really have not introduced our selves, so we are planning to create a biographical page, so you can know more about us. The changes that we are making are experimental and as we fiddle around with our blog, we are totally open to suggestions on how to make OSSD a better blog. Thanks for your support!

-Ana & Ann

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