Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On Saturday afternoon I decided to make honey waffles for this week's challenge, so I picked a recipe and went to the kitchen. Waffles ready and hot, pictures taken, it was time to taste. It was good, fluffy, thin - blame my regular (not belgian) waffle machine. But it was just good, not delicious or oh-my-goodness-this-is-crazy-awesome, so I chose not to post them for you. I'll be posting some honey recipes I think will make you drool, instead. You're welcome.

How 'bout this Honey Rolls, from The Pastry Affair? Yes, please.

Or these Honey Biscuits from The Average Foodie?

Oh my, I could eat this Honey and Orange Cornmeal Cake for lunch! From Eat Good 4 Life.

Popcorn! Do I need to say more? From Cherry Tea cakes

Now clean the drool from your keyboard and go bake something with honey. It's healthy. ;)

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