Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We are so excited to present a very special entry this week. On Friday, December 2, 2010, we got the opportunity to meet one of our favourite food bloggers, Angie Dudley, who is famously known as Bakerella. Her cake pops have been loved by thousands of people across North America and around the world. She has been on the Martha Stewart show, and is currently touring across the nation, promoting her book: Cake Pops.

Since we had the opportunity to meet the queen of cake pops, it only made sense that we make our own batch. We made Bakerella's classic cupcake pop, which are alike mini cupcakes on a stick. Pretty sweet huh?

The instructions for cake pops are pretty long, so below is the link to the cupcake pops on her blog. You'll have fun making these pops, we promise!

Cupcake Pops

You will need:
1 box cake mix of your choice
1 can ready made cream cheese frosting
Wax Paper
Lolipop sticks
Candy melts (Purple and Light Cocoa, for us)
Flower cookie cutter (1.25" is the best)

Click here for detailed instructions (with photos and a video).

Ann's Thoughts:

It was Ana who first introduced me to Bakerella. So it was perfect timing that Bakeralla came to Toronto last week Friday and Saturday for a book signing of her recipe and guide book to making cute but delicious cake pops. Ana and I came about half an hour early anticipating her arrival, and I have to admit that we were both star struck at her presence. Overall it was a great experience to meet her, and it inspired us and renewed our passion for baking.

At first Ana and I were going to make snowmen pops just so it ties in with the whole winter, December, Christmas theme. Well, let's just say we later had some reservations of making something so artistically "complicated" (we were afraid of being too ambitious like we were when we made the spiders for our Halloween addition), so we decided on making her classic cupcake pops. Making these cupcake pops are not all that hard. The difficult part was finding the mini flower shape cookie cutter required for the shape of the cupcake. All together Ana and I went to about six different stores until I was able to find one in Michael's, which Ana said is a bit big...so for those who are interested in making cupcake pops, good luck finding the cookie cutter!

Not only were the cupcake pops cute, but they were so good. I gave my share of cake pops out to a few of my co-workers and it was a hit. These mini cakes are fun to make, and I'm already gearing up to making another batch later on this week.

Ana's Thoughts:

After a (long) hiatus we are back in the kitchen and with a super special recipe and post. Last week we had the pleasure to meet one of the most talented blogger out there. Bakerella! She came to TO as part of her book tour and we couldn't miss the opportunity. So off we went to one of her two book signings ( I had the chance to go on both =D ). The first one was held at Teatro Verde. It was a small signing. She was so nice with everybody, always smiling and chit chatting with her readers (fans?). Sadly, the only thing yours truly was able to mutter was "Hi. Nice to meet you." Creative, I know. XD Oh, and we have the chance to meet another blogger, Sweetopia! Her blog is amazing and her cookies are awesome. It was a great day for this blogger here. =)

The next day, I went to Williams Sonoma to her second signing. I was a little surprised to see so many people there. The second floor of the store was crowded with people, all of them holding their (fancy) cameras and snapping shots like crazy, trying to document every moment. She talked about how she started with the cake pops, the blog, a little bit about photography, and why the name Bakerella. You can read in details here.

After the signings I was very excited to make the cake pops. Bakerella's book provides step by step photos and she gives tons of tips along the way to help you get the perfect cake pops so I was feeling confident. It's a little time consuming and you have to plan ahead but it's very fun and easy! Well, aside from molding the pops that is. I had trouble shaping them. It's not that they are complicated, I think the problem is with me - Ann had no problems with it. In fact, she was the one who molded all the cake pops. I guess I need to practice.

Coating the pops were a little tricky - our candy melts were a little thick, even after we added some vegetable oil in it, but in the end our pops turned out pretty cute. This was the cuttest thing we've ever made for the blog. =D Ooh, and they tasted good, too!


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