Monday, October 18, 2010

Olá!! Ana here. Somewhere in the blogosphere I read that today is the National Chocolate Cupcake Day. How awesome is that?! A day to celebrate cupcakes. Yumy! Even though I think by National they mean only in USA, why can't we, Canadians or Brazilians or even better the whole world, celebrate this day, too? 

So we here at OSSD decided to get in the spirit and post a cupcake recipe for you guys. And these cupcakes are special because they come straight from Brazil! Made by my lil' sis B. =) So go on and have a cupcake. Enjoy.

Happy Cupcake Day!!!

The recipe for the cupcakes were taken from here. (If you want the english version just ask me.;) ) 
The chocolate frosting was taken from here.

Thanks for the lovely cupcakes B!! =D
Stay tunned for our new post, later today. ;)


  1. Did your sister really make these???? They looks so good, and professional too.

  2. Noooes, just because today I was @ Shop. Paulista and almost bought one... But I changed my mind and had a chokito milkshake instead :P

  3. @Ann>> Yep, she did it on her own. We have another baker at home. Now I'll have to share the kitchen with 3 more people...I need a bigger one. haha

    @Kenji>> Chokito milkshake? wow Is there anything they haven't invented yet? =)

  4. Our little sis is soooo talented! not to mention she's only 12..=P

    Last sunday we went to Eldorado and we bought delicious cupcakes for R$6.50 each. I'd have bought more if it wasn't for this unfriendly price..

  5. She learned everything from me. Including taking pictures. ;) ahahahah

    R$6,50. Yeah, let's open one,too and sell cheap cupcakes. R$6.00 is a reasonable price...=p